🌟 Unlocking Gen Z's Potential: The Keys to Hiring Success 🤝

Posted 10/03/2023

4 mins read

Attention, hiring managers! Are you tuned in to what Gen Z is truly seeking in an employer? A recent Deloitte survey sheds light on a crucial discrepancy between employers' perceptions and the actual desires of Gen Z employees.

With Gen Z now comprising a significant 36% of the global workforce, it's imperative to align your approach. Here are three essential traits that Gen Z values: patience, availability, and empathy. Let's explore why these qualities are pivotal for success. 💼🌟

1. Patience: 🕰️

Investing in employees isn't just about money; it's about time. Growth takes patience and nurturing. While both Gen Z and employers recognize the importance of patience, it's essential to ensure you're actively helping your employees develop.

Expecting instant expertise, especially from younger workers, can be a misstep. Gen Z values employers who acknowledge that mistakes are part of the learning journey and are willing to invest the time to nurture their growth. Over time, this investment yields engaged and autonomous workers who excel in their roles.

2. Availability: 📞

Gen Z's upbringing revolves around instant communication, and they bring these expectations to the workplace. If you're hiring from this generation, consider crafting a short recruitment video to introduce your organization authentically.

It's also time to modernize your communication channels. Availability equates to responsiveness and accessibility, and without the right tools, achieving this can be challenging. Furthermore, availability means transparency. Providing constructive feedback, setting clear expectations, and offering performance guidelines help Gen Z employees understand where they stand. Surveys, one-on-one interactions, and open-door policies foster a culture of accessibility and communication.

3. Empathy: 🤗

Empathy lies at the heart of what Gen Z seeks in their employers, yet it often goes unnoticed. At its core, workplace empathy fosters psychological safety, where employees feel free to be creative without the fear of harsh judgment.

It also means promoting a healthy work-life balance rooted in a deep understanding of employee well-being. Regular check-ins to gauge happiness and address burnout are essential practices. Listening to and respecting diverse voices creates an inclusive workplace, another facet of empathy that Gen Z values deeply.

🚀 Attracting Top Gen Z Talent 🚀

Employers who embody patience, availability, and empathy will thrive with Gen Z. By embracing these qualities, you'll not only attract top talent but also nurture them into an engaged and high-performing workforce. 🌟🤝

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