We’re building a diverse community of professionals

At KnowMe, we’re building a diverse community of professionals who are typically overlooked in the hiring process, and we’re matching them with ideal entry level jobs.

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Tech executives are rethinking how to hire for in-demand jobs: Survey

Hiring companies are rewriting job descriptions, implementing on-the-job training, and sourcing candidates from more diverse backgrounds to close the skills gap... Read More

Published on CNBC

March 25, 2021

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How and why are people overlooked?

Because companies with a huge applicant pool need to quickly funnel candidates down to a manageable quantity—that funneling process revolves around arbitrary criteria like resume quality, a college degree, relatability and various other items only truly measurable during someone’s employment.

The entire process disadvantages candidates with non-traditional backgrounds and unique skills or experiences that can’t be captured by a resume or quantified in a college degree.

KnowMe solves this problem by providing companies with characteristics about you that actually matter to be successful on the job.

Why judge a book by its cover?

We aren’t a gimmicky, cookie-cutter tool that tells you things about yourself you already know; instead, we’ll put together your complete “package”—a personality assessment, qualitative skills overview, a resume, and your voice recording—to set you apart from other candidates.

Joining our KnowMe community means you’ll enjoy a process designed uniquely for YOU—not anyone else.

Download our app today, take our quiz, and start your journey with KnowMe!

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